Sexual harassment is a serious offense because a female’s dignity is at stake. In most cases, she loses her future completely because it not only affects her physical health but also affects her mental well-being and social and professional life. Many a time, she cannot get into a stable relationship if she has sexually been harassed. In the workplace, these cases may even leave permanent marks on her psychology and the wounds are hard to heal. If you face or observe any of these cases in the office, you should click here and file a lawsuit against the abuser.

    Reasons for unreported cases 

    At the workplace, if a female experiences this incident, she may choose to remain quiet. Some of the reasons are elaborated below:

    Loss of job

    If she has been harassed by someone in authority, she chooses to remain silent because the chances of losing her job are higher. The abuser may have warned her or threatened her to fire if she took any action against her. It has also been observed that if her colleagues or manager has abused her, even then she may get fired because the company owner believes that it will bring a bad name to the company.

    Demotion or lower wage

    If a female is the sole breadwinner of the family, she may not report the incident because she has to raise her children and look after elders. If she reports, the company owner may lower her income or demote her to a lower position, which will ruin her peace of mind in the office. She may not be able to focus on her career even if she continues working in the same company.

    Unable to find a job 

    One of the major reasons why females don’t report these incidents in the workplace is because they fear that they will not be able to find any job if they leave the company. A rape victim finds it hard or impossible to get placed somewhere else because she has left her previous job or has been fired due to sexual harassment. They prefer to keep silent and continue as if nothing has happened. 

    Understanding the legal rights

    It is highly recommended to know what your rights are as an employee. Every state or nation protects its people by formulating laws and rules. All you have to do is to get in touch with a lawyer and learn that you can also get compensated if you are a victim. 


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