How Cable Conveyors Handle Delicate Products – And Why They’re Superior

    Cable conveyors are revolutionizing the materials handling industry. They not only preserve product integrity but also offer increased efficiency and numerous other benefits over traditional conveying systems.

    If your business deals with the handling of delicate and friable materials, such as cereal, pet food, coffee beans, grains, frozen food, snacks, nuts, specialty seeds, hemp, rice, and certain industrial materials, it’s time to consider making the switch to a cable conveyor system.

    Gentle Handling Preserves Product Integrity

    One of the essential advantages of cable conveyor systems is their ability to handle delicate products gently. Utilizing a tubular drag system instead of a traditional conveyor, cable conveyors prevent damage and maintain the integrity and quality of friable products.

    This is especially crucial for businesses dealing with food products where the final consumer would evaluate quality. It also helps products maintain their shape and form, which leads to improved flavor and texture (like coffee beans, for example.)

    Efficiency and Durability

    Cable conveyors are designed to be more efficient than traditional conveying systems. They use smaller motors and consume less energy while ensuring maximum performance. Additionally, the systems are built with corrosion-resistant components, providing durability and long-term cost savings for your business.

    Design Flexibility and Space Limitations

    Cable conveyors can be customized to fit within specific space limitations, providing an adaptable solution to fit almost any facility. The flexibility in design and optimal use of space make cable conveyor systems an excellent option for businesses looking to maximize productivity and efficiency.

    Improved Plant Hygiene and Limited Contamination

    The closed design of cable conveyor systems limits foreign contamination, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic environment for product handling. Moreover, their easy-to-clean CIP (Clean-In-Place) solutions further improve plant hygiene, which is essential for businesses working with consumables.

    For example, Cablevey Conveyors designs conveyors that meet FDA regulations and other industry standards. This ensures all products are transported safely and meet industry regulations. Their systems also offer design flexibility, allowing customization to the conveyor system for specific needs.

    Environmental Consciousness and Support for Local Communities

    Cablevey Conveyors prioritize product integrity and efficiency, but they also recognize their responsibility to the planet and the local community. Their systems are designed to minimize energy consumption, and they continually green up their operating spaces and manufacturing processes.

    In addition, they’re committed to supporting local businesses and the community by employing locals and offering ongoing education and training programs. They work with local suppliers, from grocery stores to food pantries, and welders to hardware stores.

    Cable conveyors also help turn waste into valuable commodities. By reclaiming products like coffee fines, juice pulp, and cookie crumbs using cable conveyors, businesses can better recycle and reuse these previously wasted materials.

    Choose Cablevey Conveyors – The Superior Conveying Solution

    Cablevey Conveyors have earned a global reputation for gentle yet efficient conveying technology. Their systems are built to preserve product integrity, perform efficiently, and supply system durability.

    They incorporate corrosion-resistant components, are FDA-compliant, and offer design flexibility. Their systems improve plant hygiene limit foreign contamination, and are easy to clean with CIP Solutions. They employ local people in the area and offer continual training and education, supporting local businesses like grocery stores, food pantries, welders, and hardware stores.

    Cablevey makes a conscious effort to elevate its operating spaces and manufacturing sites by making them green. They understand the importance of sustainability, so they’ve designed the systems to sharply decrease energy requirements by using smaller motors and efficient use of energy resources.

    If your enterprise could profit from the multifaceted advantages these systems offer, there’s no reason to hesitate. Opt for cable conveyor technology and take the first step toward maintaining product quality while driving efficiency and fulfilling your environmental responsibilities.


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