Many people experience pain from previous injuries or pre-existing health conditions. Typically, you cannot claim existing pain or suffering that was not caused by an accident; however, you are entitled to compensation if these conditions are affected by the accident. 

    The best personal injury lawyer in New Hampshire advises you on all legal matters and discloses any existing condition that might affect the claim. If your injuries are worse from the recent accident, you have landed on the landing page. This article will discuss how pre-existing conditions impact my personal injury accident claim. 

    Let’s dive in!

    What counts as a pre-existing injury or condition?

    Some of the most common pre-existing injuries or illnesses include neck pain, broken bones, shoulder pain, spinal injuries, disc herniations, and traumatic brain injuries. 

    Why Does Your Attorney Need to Know About Pre-Existing Conditions?

    Informing your personal injury lawyer about your pre-existing conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other physical health conditions is crucial to determining if the accident has worsened the situation. While filing a personal injury claim, insurance companies try to minimize the compensation by blaming current issues on existing medical conditions. Thus, it is a critical aspect to determine the compensation amount. 

    What Type of Medical Review is Required for Aggravation of Pre-existing Injuries?

    Although insurance companies will sympathize with you, their primary aim is to pay as little as possible; thus, they thoroughly explore all pre-existing injuries by reviewing your medical history. In this condition, hiring a personal injury law is vital, as they protect you from harsh questions asked by insurance company representatives. 

    If your recent injuries aggravate all your existing injuries, reviewing your medical history is critical. Your lawyers work closely with the health expert to determine if there is any relation between your new pain and sufferings like neck pain, back pain, spinal cord damage, burns, or other injuries and pre-existing injuries. 

    Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    Hiring a personal injury lawyer is critical, as they ensure that the insurance company or the second party does not violate your rights. They carefully study the case, gather all necessary evidence, and negotiate with the insurance representative to get a fair settlement. 

    Wrapping Up! 

    The personal injury accident claim shows the effects of pre-existing health conditions. However, it should not stop you from filing the claim. Consider hiring a reputable, experienced personal injury attorney to navigate all insurance problems. 


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