Artificial or synthetic grass offers an array of wellness and lifestyle benefits for Tauranga homeowners and their families that natural lawns simply cannot match. Beyond just the practical advantages of lower maintenance, artificial turf directly enhances living environments for kids, pets and communities in many positive ways.

    This detailed guide examines the various health, safety, hygiene and usability gains that artificial grass provides to uplift the overall well-being of Tauranga families. 

    Key Health Benefits of Artificial Grass for Children

    Provides a Clean Outdoor Play Area :

    Unlike real grass that soils clothing and tracks mess indoors, artificial turf offers a neat, mud-free surface for kids to play on. It allows carefree fun without creating any messy chaos.

    Prevents Allergic Reactions  :

    Allergens from grass pollen, blades and mould spores in natural lawns can trigger respiratory issues like hay fever in children. Synthetic grass is hypoallergenic and prevents allergies.

    Reduces Injury Risk During Playtime   :

    Artificial grass in Tauranga is designed with stabilized infill material between blades to provide cushioning against falls and tumbles. This prevents scraped knees, elbows and head bumps during lively play. 

    Minimizes Exposure to Lawn Treatment Chemicals :

    Fertilizers, weed killers and insecticides commonly used on real grass can be toxic for kids upon skin contact. Artificial turf negates this health hazard.

    Lowers Risk of Contracting Parasitic Diseases   :

    Natural lawn areas often harbor parasitic larvae that can penetrate skin and cause illnesses like cutaneous larva migrans in children. Synthetic grass eliminates this possibility. 

    Permits Outdoor Play in All Weather  :

    Wet natural grass makes playtime impossible on rainy or cold days. Artificial lawns allow children to play outside comfortably irrespective of the weather.

    Key Health Advantages of Artificial Grass for Pets

    Avoids Dirty, Muddy Paws  :

    Artificial turf for pets ensures their cleanliness after outdoor activity compared to soil and grass. It prevents them from tracking mess across home interiors.

    Minimizes Skin Infections :

    Damp natural lawn soil frequently leads to fungal infections on animal paws and skin folds. Artificial turf negates this health risk and discomfort. 

    No Exposure to Potentially Toxic Lawn Care Products :

    Ingesting or contacting chemicals used on lawns can be dangerous for pets. Artificial grass keeps pets protected from fertilizers, weed killers etc.

    Reduces Allergens in Fur and Paws :

    Allergens like grass pollen and dust cling to animal fur and paws as they run around on natural lawns. Synthetic grass minimizes this allergen transfer.  

    Negates Health Hazards from Lawn Weeds  :

    Pets who nibble on weed-infested live lawns risk ingesting toxic plants. Artificial grass completely eliminates this danger.

    Prevents Internal Parasites  :

    Natural lawn areas contaminated by raccoon or coyote stool can spread parasitic roundworms to pets. Synthetic turf prevents disease transmission through feces.  

    Enables Quick and Hygienic Waste Disposal :

    Pet urine and excrement can be instantly picked up and disposed from artificial grass before smell or stains set in. This maintains cleanliness.

    Key Benefits of Artificial Grass for Homeowners

    Alleviates Hay Fever and Allergy Symptoms :

    For homeowners prone to grass allergies, artificial lawn avoids triggering runny nose, skin irritation and other symptoms.

    Prevents Muddy Footprints Tracked Indoors :

    Synthetic turf minimizes muddy shoe imprints constantly being brought inside unlike natural grass and bare soil.

    Eliminates Exposure to Potentially Toxic Lawn Care Chemicals :

    Harmful weed killers, fertilizers and pesticides often used on lawns can be inadvertently absorbed. Artificial grass negates this.

    Saves Time and Effort on Lawn Care & Maintenance :

    Homeowners spend hours every week mowing, watering and maintaining real grass. Synthetic turf needs negligible upkeep. 

    Curtails Wasteful Water Usage on Irrigation :

    Natural grass easily requires 55 gallons of water daily in Tauranga’s climate. Artificial turf needs zero watering once installed.

    Provides Usable Lawn Space Year Round :

    Natural grass turns muddy or dries out in certain seasons. Synthetic grass enables outdoor living comfortably irrespective of weather.  

    Key Community-Level Advantages of Artificial Grass

    Promotes Water Conservation  :

    Households switching to artificial turf cuts domestic water consumption considerably, preserving supplies.

    Reduces Dependence on Potentially Harmful Lawn Chemicals :

    Lower usage of fertilizers, weed killers etc. stops these agents leaching into community groundwater reserves. 

    Provides Greenery Without Draining Water Resources :

    Synthetic lawns retain pleasant green aesthetics and plant beauty without taxing limited community water resources.

    Boosts Neighborhood Aesthetics and Pride :

    Well-kept artificial front lawns enhance the visual appeal of the entire community for residents and visitors.


    The health, usability and eco-friendly gains artificial turf offers Tauranga families and communities make it an increasingly advantageous solution compared to high maintenance natural grass. Homeowners seeking to maximize lifestyle comfort while minimizing hassles are quickly recognizing the multi-faceted benefits of opting for synthetic grass.


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