Tài Xỉu club is famous for being an entertaining sport that is difficult to play but very popular with everyone. For a new recruit, he is probably curious about this game set at the Jun88 game portal. Don’t worry, all your questions will be answered by experts in the blink of an eye.

    Overview of the Tài Xỉu club game

    This game is currently very popular and has covered all countries around the world. An entertaining card game that is very popular with longtime professional players at game portals around the world. Each country will have a different name, especially in Vietnam, people will call it Tài Xỉu or blackjack.

    At Jun88, you will enjoy dramatic, thoughtful battles. Comes with flexible select levels, completely suitable for all types of players.

    Instructions for playing Tài Xỉu club Jun88 are simple and legal

    The rules of Tài Xỉu club Jun88 are considered quite complicated. The game inherently offers a lot of regulations, terms, and dense laws. Therefore, to play Tài Xỉu, everyone must understand a few regulations as follows:

    Rules for dealing cards at Tài Xỉu club Jun88

    The rules for dealing cards are not like other card games. This game is usually divided into 4 stages with the following progression:

    • Pre-flop: For this round, each participating player will be dealt 2 trump cards. Only you know what your trump card is. Once you have finished looking at the cards, you will start select or folding.
    • Flop: At this time, the beautiful Dealer of the house will proceed to deal 3 more community cards to the players and are placed in the middle of the table in a face up state. Based on the common card to find the appropriate card combined with the trump card in hand, to easily decide whether to continue select or fold.
    • Turn: Dealer deals another community card to you. The player continues to bet or fold the cards.
    • River: This is the final distribution of Tài Xỉu club cards and also the last turn for everyone to bet. All remaining players will have to consider their cards together. From there, find out who has the highest score and will win the entire bet.

    Rules for combining cards

    Once you have combined the community card and the trump card to create the strongest card value, the next thing you must do is which of the following rules:

    • Dragon Hall: That means you must have 5 cards of great value and consecutively of the same suit.
    • Straight flush: 5 cards of the same suit with consecutive value.
    • Four of a kind: 4 cards of different suits but the same value, combined with any card
    • Full flood: 3 cards of different suits but the same value, combined with any pair
    • Box: 5 different cards but must be of the same suit
    • Straight: 5 other cards of any suit but must have the same value in succession
    • Sam Co: 3 other cards of the same value, combined with any 2 cards
    • Beast: 2 pairs of your choice, plus any 1 card
    • Pair: 2 other cards of the same value, combined with any 3 cards
    • Mau Bi: Use the card with the highest score as the original value.

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    Instructions for participating in the Jun88 Tài Xỉu club experience

    If you want to try the Tài Xỉu club experience at Jun88, please quickly follow these instructions:

    Step 1: Register

    As everyone knows, if you want to experience any game, including Tài Xỉu, you must have a member account. Registering a ksy is not difficult, you just need to click on the reputable dealer link, click on register and fill in the required information. Then you can choose to register now. If you have an account, just log in with the correct account name and password.

    Step 2: Quickly deposit money into your select account

    Next, you proceed to deposit money into your account to bet by choosing deposit. Then, choose a deposit method such as scratch card, bank card… and fill in the amount you want to deposit.

    Step 3: Join the Tài Xỉu club experience

    Next, select the game portal game section and select the Tài Xỉu game. Choose a game product, choose a game table. Finally click join.

    Step 4: The dealer proceeds to deal the cards

    Starting the game, the system will randomly deal cards to all players on the table. Each brother will receive 2 cards and officially participate in a challenge round.

    Step 5: Place bet

    The first player places a bet and the following players place their bets in increasing amounts. Depending on economic conditions and experience, people bet the appropriate amount.

    Step 6: Next rounds

    In the following rounds, the dealer is responsible for dealing 5 cards to the player. Everyone uses these 3 cards in combination with the 2 cards they received at the beginning to create 5 cards with the strongest value of the same suit. Then wait for the dealer to determine the results and pay the prize.


    Above article is basic information on how to play Tài Xỉu club Jun88. Wishing everyone to have moments of interesting and fun experiences alongside fellow enthusiasts.


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