Congratulations, if a journey across the world is in your future! We have some hard-earned wisdom to share with anybody who is organising their own itinerary and customising a journey around the world after spending so many years travelling. Most people who set out to travel around the world do so for an extended period of time, anything from several months to a year or more.

    These tips will help you plan your trip more efficiently, prioritise your most sought-after locations, and make your ideal vacation a reality with Cleartrip ticket bookings, all within your budget.

    The best part of planning a round-the-world vacation is becoming inspired. You may have a long list of destinations for your worldwide trip. Perhaps you’ve identified a few significant experiences but want more. Start with a big bucket list of global destinations since weather and routes may exclude some. After compiling a list of dream locations, choose five to anchor your around-the-world journey. Your other stops will fit around them depending on planning, weather, and more.

    • Select A Course (Direction) For Your Around The World Trip

    From where you’re starting, you’ll either go around the planet from east to west or the opposite. It’s not ideal to have to double back on your journey because of the additional cost, additional jet lag, and environmental impact. Whether you’re booking flights individually or on a round-the-world ticket, this technique will save you time and money.

    • Map out some unique land routes

    Now you have a worldwide vacation itinerary and desired places. Time to fill your schedule. By using local transit, which is more exciting than flying, you’ll see more of the nation and culture and have greater vacation experiences. Now revisit those few bucket list places. These underpin your travel. The map’s dots should provide a basic route overview. You’ll be travelling overland between many of these countries, so planning to visit groups of neighbouring countries is a good way to add variety to your schedule.

    • Find festivals in your favourite places

    Local festivals worldwide are vibrant, cultural, and enjoyable. Finding out you missed a significant religious and festive occasion by a few days is upsetting. Plan your itinerary around your favourite festivals. You’ll need to arrange accommodations early according to the event, which may limit your worldwide trip itinerary, but it’s worth it.

    • Plan Your Trip Like A Puzzle To Match Your Budget

    Prioritise low-cost destinations in your itinerary planning, and then include high-priced destinations when time permits. If you want to see the world but are worried about breaking the bank, it’s a good idea to do some preliminary research on all of your potential travel locations.

    • Think Ahead For The Weather

    Prior to leaving, investigate potential stops and tailor your itinerary to your ideal temperature range. While it’s unlikely that you’ll visit every place in its ideal season, it is still important to be aware of things like how the rainy season might ruin a trip to a tropical island or how a snowstorm can cancel a ski vacation.

    • It’s Important To Plan Your Flights In Advance

    The convenience of flying on a round-the-world tour may increase the overall cost of the trip. It’s not enough to only think about the long-haul trips while making plans. When you go, you may look up local budget airlines and know ahead of time which parts of the world have the cheapest puddle-jumper flights. Also make sure you have enough medical, baggage, and adventure sports coverage by purchasing travel insurance before you go.

    • You Don’t Need To Visit Every Country In The World

    It all relies on your goals for the journey as to how you should go about planning your path across the world and how many sites you should visit. And despite your best efforts, you will like certain locations more than others and may even cut short your time in others. Please bear in mind that a multi-month vacation moves at a completely different pace than a short-term one. Plan a gradual path that minimises travel tiredness and incorporates desired places. To achieve that, review your vacation and cut a few locations.

    World Travel Planning: Next Steps

    Do some reading up on additional regions and make a bucket list. That’s the starting point, and it seems like a lot of fun! Guidebooks are another good source of ideas. Before picking an itinerary and narrowing down your selection of places, do your homework and allow yourself to dream large. Have a safe and enjoyable journey!


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